Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Discussion 1: Capture

This week's discussion topic was capture. We were able to talk about many ways that helped each individual stay organized and capture their responsibilities.

Some of the suggestions made were,
  • What do you use to keep track of things? Elecronic devices, small notebooks, "to do" lists on a large piece of paper in a binder you carry around with you throughout the day. Each of these things have pros and cons. We were able to discuss those things and noticed people modifying what they have been using when they heard useful ideas from others. We came to the conclusion that how you keep track of your responsibilities needs to be very personalized. Use what works for you and find something you can stick with.
  • Some people asked what should be scheduled in? This is also something that has to be personal. If you need to schedule in time for a nap do that, if you only use it for due dates or study time keep post-its that mark time a few weeks in advance that you can move around if you didn't get to it that day, use highlighters to to keep reminders of leisure activities and homework or tests.
  • Don't run yourself down. Set aside realistic time frames for what you can accomplish in one day.
  • Leave yourself options when you can.
  • Electronic reminds? Helpful or not?
  • Keeping a master calendar on your desk or wall. *If you would like a large desk calendar let Sean or Mallory know. Her dad prints them at work.
  • Setting aside time to go over your planner/electronic calendar/notebook. For some people that works best in the morning and others go over the next day before bed. Find something that works for you but make sure you take the time to go over your schedule and make sure you have everything done and are prepared for the upcoming tasks.

Overall, the meeting was a success. We were able to have a large group discussion and help other improve their capture skills. Remember to make these things habits, get used to capturing your responsibilities and you will find yourself being more successful.

We will be having our next meeting on Tuesday, February 2nd @ 9:30 in the library.

Hope to see you all there again!

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